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LED Strip Lights

All Marine LED LLC

  • $ 8.00

LED Strip Lights by All Marine LED, LLC

These LED Strip Lights are ideal for "topside" use under the gunwales, along the edges of steps, in cabins, etc - pretty much anywhere you need accent lighting on your boat. They are very low amp draw and are inter-connectable so you can make them as long as you want. Each strip is 12" long and attaches easy with double stick tape to most any smooth surface. 

Available in White, Red, Green, and Blue. Wiring is simple: Just connect a switch and fuse to your power source, then attach a LED strip light using one of the supplied terminal wiring connectors and you're done! To add to the length, you simply add one of the small "daisy chain" connectors to the opposite end and plug on another LED strip light. You can easily add 12" sections with these connectors up to TEN FEET or longer depending on your switch and fuse rating!

Price is per each 12" strip and includes shipping.

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