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Anchor Suit Protective Anchor Cover (Small)

Cool Water Products

  • $ 135.00


The AnchorSuit® is a neoprene wet suit type cover for the fluke anchor that softens impact points and protects your boat. The AnchorSuit® was created to prevent the anchor from causing damage and injury to boats and boaters alike.  

AnchorSuit Nominated For Best New Boating Product At Newport International Boat Show

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  • Reinforced with heavy duty canvas material and trim fabric.
  • Fully functional handle which makes it convenient to carry your anchor.
  • Provides enough room to stow rode chain.
  • Stainless steel grommets which allow water to escape and also reinforces handle.
  • All components are marine grade quality.


  • Ideal for stowing your secondary anchor.
  • Perfect for the beach. Pull out the tines, zip back up and sink into the sand.
  • Protect yourself from your fluke anchor while stowed on the bow rail of your boat.
  • Protect your gel coat and vinyl while moving the anchor.
  • Protect passengers or crew while underway.
21.5" W x 25" L
3-5lb Danforth Anchor
24.5" W x 31" L
Fits the 9 pound Danforth anchor. Also fits the Fortress FX-7.
26.5" W x 34” L
Fits the 12-14 pound Danforth anchors. Also fits the Fortress FX-11.
30.25" W x 39.75"L  
Fits the 16-20 pound Danforth anchors. Also fits the Fortress FX-16.
32.5" W x 44" L
Fits the 25 pound Danforth anchors. Also fits the Fortress FX-23.

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