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PVC Fishing Rod Holder (10 Place)

Boating Flagpoles LLC

  • $ 39.99

We sell these for less than what it would cost you to build them!

Available in 8 , 10, and 17-rod configurations with an option to add angled uprights for bent butt rods. Ample spacing between reels with drain holes at the bottom. The bent butt option includes stainless steel screws to engage gamble end which prevents the rod from turning. Please contact us for placement of your bent butt rods.

Legs fold flat for easy storage. No glueing required.

Also great for storing boat brushes and garden equipment (rakes, shovels, brooms etc.).

24" long x 14" tall x 18" wide.

Our racks no longer have caps on the legs. This allows them to drain for our customers using them for rinsing their gear. The legs have also been widened.

8 place rack can be ordered with up to 4 bent butts each.

10 and 17 place racks can be ordered with up to 2 bent butts each.

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