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Tank Titan Inflatable Dive Tank Holder (Two Place)

Tank Titan Inflatable Dive Tank Holder (Two Place)

Tank Titan

  • $ 199.99


The Tank Titan was developed for recreational divers, commercial divers, and everyday boaters as a better way to bring dive tanks on their boats.

We designed a rugged, durable, lightweight, and boat friendly tank holder, that could be used on virtually any boat, and be easy to store.  We construct our product out of a heavy duty “P.V.C. Blend” (similar to the material used to build inflatable life rafts).  By creating an inflatable design we are able to utilize the natural shock absorbing and cushioning effects.

The end result is every boater can feel comfortable about safely transporting dive tanks to and from your favorite reef, wreck, or lobster hole while protecting the interior of your boat.

Constructed From Heavy Duty P.V.C. Material

Securely hold both 7 1/4" & 8" diameter tanks

Stainless Steel Tie Down / Support Rings

  • Includes:
    1 - Tank Titan 2-Pack
    2 - Base Cushion Discs
    1 - Air pump
    1 - Patch Kit
    1 - Carry Bag

    Dimensions: 27"(L) x 14"(W) x 19"(H)



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